We organize and manage exhibitions, trade shows and business delegations, starting from exhibition conceptualization, to sales & organizing participation, marketing, branding and operations to expo execution. We work independently as well as in partnership with chambers & industrial associations.

We partner reputed exhibition organizer and represent exhibitions in multiple industrial sectors & countries across continents, organizing Indian & Asian participation in those events. We ensure that the participants connect with right counterparts across globe through our events helping them flourish their business.

That apart, we organize 4 flagship events in Africa and working towards launching more in potential regions globally. We also have the globe’s largest virtual exhibition & business marketing meeting place – Exhibit24x7, where suppliers from selected sectors meet global partners.


We stand by our experienced Business Research team, they identify the key business prospects as well analyze bottlenecks which are very essential to design appropriate business marketing strategy for business expansion. With this strength, we suggest marketing sales& expansion strategy to our clients.

Our business research division along with client interaction helps us in identifying potential markets and business opportunities, hence finally conceptualizing and creating new self-sustainable business platforms, for our stakeholders to expand their business.


Our relations across continents, both business & diplomatic, are catalysts in drawing investments in key sectors, business®ions and facilitating Joint Ventures between prospect business partners, through which we envision and endeavor that our clients, investors & other stakeholders are consistently growing.


We endeavor to conceive and operationalize infrastructure developments in prospect regions and industrial parks in partnership with investors, government and multilateral agencies and corporates where by the local economy at micro level & regional economy at macro level is prospered and at the same time, the involved and invested partners are rewarded the best way.