• Exhibition participation is subject to 100% payment of participation charges before the exhibition
  • Allotment of Exhibition Space: The Organizers reserve the right to refuse allotment of space for any reason. Organizers will make confirmation of allotment of space on receipt of Application Form duly signed, along with appropriate payment.
  • Withdrawal from Participation: Following withdrawal from participation, all payments made by the Exhibitor shall be forfeited.
  • Change of Venue, Dates etc: The Organizers reserve the right to change the venue / dates of duration of the exhibition, if exceptional circumstances so demand. In such an event, the obligation of Exhibitor to participate shall remain in force, so long as he informed about the changes as early as possible, either by individual communication or press advertisement.
  • The Organizers also reserve the right to change the floor plan and for the location of space allotted to an Exhibitor or of exit / entry points, passages, etc any time before the commencement of erection of stalls. If in the opinion of the Organizers, such changes are necessary, in case of changes of location of stall, the Exhibitor will be offered at least two alternatives from which to select. Any such change shall not be sufficient ground for Exhibitors to cancel their participation, and in case of withdrawal from participation, no refund will be permissible. Furthermore. Exhibitors shall clearly indemnify the organizers against all claim, cost or demands arising out of any such aforementioned change or due to failure of any services during the exhibition period, including the construction and dismantling of stalls.
  • Insurance & Liability: Exhibitors are advised to obtain Insurance cover against all risks. It is clearly understood that the Organizers stand indemnified by the Exhibitors in respect of any loss or damage to properly due to theft, fire, etc, or injury to any person as well as third party claims.
  • Lien on Exhibits: The Organizers reserve the right to retain all or some of Exhibitor’s goods/exhibitors as collateral, till all the dues including charges for services, damages, or penalties, if any are settled by the Exhibitors. Any costs for retention of the collateral will also have to be paid by the Exhibitors.
  • Binding Terms of Contract: The submission of the Application & Contract Form duly signed by an authorized officer of the applicant company shall be deemed as confirmation of participation and acceptance of these terms of contract by the Exhibitors. The contract becomes effective as soon as the Organizers have confirmed the allotment of space to the Organizers have confirmed the allotment of space to the applicant. Dispute if any, will be subject to local Jurisdiction.
  • Supplementary Rules & Regulations: All rules and regulations detailed in the Exhibitors Manual (being issued to each exhibitor) as well as any further rules framed by the Organizers from time and circulated to all Exhibitors shall be deemed to be part of these Terms of Contract and shall be binding on the Exhibitors.