Agritech West Africa inaugurated by Hon. Mohammed Hardi Tufeiru, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture of Ghana

By Wegvoraus | 23 Mar, 2022

Agritech West Africa 2022 was inaugurated & officially opened at 11AM on 23rd Mar 2022 by Hon. Mohammed Hardi Tufeiru, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture of Ghana at Accra International Conference Center.

AGRITECH WEST AFRICA is the largest agribusiness, food and beverage, and processing exhibition covering the entire value chain of agriculture. 

The event is having close to 100 exhibitors from India, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Ghana, Egypt & other countries and hoping to meet with 5000+ visitors from the Agribusiness, Agriculture and Food Beverage processing and trading business in Ghana and also the farmer groups and retail customers.

"Since the government of Nana Akuffo Addo took over office, the investment in the area of agriculture has been huge and available for everyone, especially Small Scale Farmers. Last two years the government has imported and received farm machinery to help boost productivity in the sector. We have received a lot of machinery through the Ghana-India initiative which we will have more impact and will go a long way to reduce post-harvest losses in the sector".

Meanwhile, Agritech West Africa project Director Thomas James said Ghana needs to maintain its momentum by adopting new technologies, new Agriculture practices, and also effective production to feed the people as well as finding feed for its people.

He said Ghana is doing well by doubling and providing food security but must double it up again to meet the food security standard.

"Ghana needs to maintain consistency in adopting the innovative agricultural practice, innovative technology in order to feed the people and will be able to export as well. In the last five years, Ghana has done pretty well in doubling food production and must do more in the years ahead to meet its food requirements and address food security issues; with all these done ghana can be the next exporter of agric processed foods in West Africa".

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